Dog Friendly


(Created by Harper & Penny)

At Yummy Cafe Market, we love dogs as much as we love our coffee!

We are delighted to welcome well-behaved dogs and their owners to our dog-friendly cafe. As always we have our bowls of water just outside the door if you’re passing any day and your dog needs a drink.

We are delighted to introduce our Doggie Menu, created with Harper & Penny:


Yummy’s has been recognised as one of the best Dog-Friendly Cafe’s in Ireland so we thought, isn’t it about time we developed our own Doggie Menu!


We had to ask our own experts at home, Harper & Penny to give us a hand. And while they’re sisters (just a year apart) they couldn’t be any more different.


Harper is a real little-lady, loves her creature comforts, cozy bed and eating at her own pace, little nibbles at a time. She loves nothing more than being pampered. Even though she’s older than her sister, she’s still the little girl.

Penny, on the other hand eats absolutely everything, and we aren’t talking just food – she drags in every branch off the garden for a chew, noshes down on the skirtings. There isn’t a dog toy or dog-bed safe with her…but a real loveable rogue with her antics!

Inspired by the team at the Doggy Dining Club, we finally got our act together and have our own Dog Menu.

Our Doggy Facilities include –
🦴 Indoor Dining
🦴 Water Bowl
🦴 Selection of treats and Doggy Menu


To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have established the following dog policy:

🦴 Outdoor Facilities. We offer outdoor seating areas where you and your furry friend can relax and enjoy our offerings together. Water bowls will be available to keep your canine companion hydrated.

🦴 Dogs Indoors. Well-behaved dogs are permitted indoors, creating a warm and inclusive environment. However, please note that certain breeds categorised as restricted breeds will not be allowed indoors as per regulations.

🦴 Consideration for Busy Times. During peak hours or exceptionally busy periods, we kindly request that dogs remain in the outdoor seating area. This is to maintain a comfortable and safe space for all customers, including those who may have allergies or feel uneasy around dogs.

🦴 Responsible Dog Ownership. We appreciate responsible dog ownership. Please keep your dog on a leash and under your control at all times. Ensure your pet is well-behaved, clean, and free from any fleas or ticks that could potentially affect other customers or their dogs.

🦴 Cleanliness and Hygiene. We strive to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for all our customers. We kindly request that you promptly clean up after your dog.

🦴 Respect for Others. While we encourage the presence of dogs in our cafe, we also respect the preferences and comfort of all our customers. We kindly ask that you be mindful of others and ensure your dog’s behavior is considerate and does not disturb or intimidate other guests.

By implementing this dog policy, we aim to create a welcoming space where dog owners can enjoy our cafe’s offerings while ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all our customers. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to serving you and your furry friends at Yummy Cafe