DOG MENU – Created by Harper & Penny


Yummy Cafe Dog Menu

We are delighted to introduce our Doggie Menu, created with Harper & Penny

Yummy’s has been recognised as one of the best Dog-Friendly Cafe’s in Ireland so we thought, isn’t it about time we developed our own Doggie Menu!

We had to ask our own experts at home, Harper & Penny to give us a hand. And while they’re sisters (just a year apart) they couldn’t be any more different.


Harper is a real little-lady, loves her creature comforts, cozy bed and eating at her own pace, little nibbles at a time. She loves nothing more than being pampered, and even though she’s older than her sister, she’s still the little girl.

Penny, on the other hand eats absolutely everything, and we aren’t talking just food – she drags in every branch off the garden for a chew, noshes down on the skirtings and there isn’t a dog toy or dog-bed safe with her…but a real loveable rogue with her antics!

Inspired by the team at the Doggy Dining Club, we finally got our act together and have our own Doggie Menu.

Our Doggy Facilities include –
🦴 Outdoor Covered Dining
🦴 Indoor Dining
🦴 Water Bowl
🦴 Selection of treats and Doggy Menu
🦴 Selection of Menu items available e.g chicken, sausage
🦴 All Breeds Welcome (Restricted Breeds to follow Irish Statute Book Guidelines/NI Direct Guidelines)

As always we have our bowls of water just outside the door if you’re passing any day and your dog needs a drink.

We are delighted to also say, as well as featuring on our Dog-Menu, we are taking pre-orders for packs of Pupcakes by Mary for a special take-home treat. pupcakes by maryJust pop-in and leave an order (2day notice) and you can collect from the cafe.