Sustainable Cafe

Sustainability at Yummy Cafe

Yummy Cafe Market has always made a sincere commitment to being kind to the environment.

Our Coffee Cups launched in March 2023 are the most Sustainable, compostable single use cups ever developed.

Sustainable Coffee Shop

We are always aiming for Zero waste on food. Reducing our energy consumption. Improving our processes to find ways in which we can support our community and go green.

The Coffee Circle

Part of our improvements is focused on looking at each service we provide our customers and making sure the produce we provide is of top quality, and at the same time good for the environment. We are delighted to announce we have closed the circle on our coffee.

Coffee Supply

Our ethically sourced coffee is provided by an Irish supplier Darboven, who only work with small family-run farms in the oldest coffee region of Honduras. They invest in supporting them and their family businesses. Our coffee is supplied using an award-winning Zero Waste Packaging system that cuts out all disposable plastics and cardboard.

Zero Waste Coffee

Coffee Making

All our coffee is made using our state of the art ‘Astoria’ machine which operates on ‘Eco’ mode to ensure we eliminate water wastage and reduce electricity costs. Our coffee is delivered at the perfect temperature every time. Our grinder is calibrated to provide the perfect size coffee grind dose with no waste.

Coffee Grinds

Once used, all of our coffee grinds are collected from Yummy Cafe and brought to Higgins Waste in Tralee. There they are combined with green waste cuttings and converted into organic compost which is then used by Tralee Tidy Towns. This green waste is used to fertilise planting throughout Tralee.

We take great pride in knowing that our coffee waste is now being used locally to compost the beautiful planting that makes our town bloom. (See more: about the Cup2Earth Campaign)


Dairy and Non-Dairy

It has always been important for us to support local Dairy Farmers. Since day one we have worked with Lee Strand in Tralee because of their commitment to sustainable practices and supporting dairy-farming families in North Kerry. By choosing to support Kerry Dairy Farmers not only are we reducing the carbon miles required to deliver our milk, but crucially we are supporting local dairy families and their businesses from around Tralee.

Of course, in keeping with demand, we offer a full range of non-dairy and plant-based milk alternative products to accompany our coffees.

Lee Strand Milk - Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Coffee Cups

Yummy Cafe for quite a while now has moved to entirely compostable containers for our takeaway food and drinks. And of course, we recycle and return. While we do encourage all customers to seek out compostable bins to dispose of these items in the most sustainable manner possible, we want to lessen the amount of packaging being disposed of.

We encourage all customers to consider using their own re-usable cup, and of course are happy to wash them for them..

Going Full Circle

The journey to becoming as environmentally friendly as possible is a continual one. Yummy Cafe Market has a commitment to make as many changes as we need to; to become a net contributor to the important issue of sustainability. We understand guidelines will change over the next few years as the EU and Irish Government (and all of us) learn more about these issues. We believe in being informed and contributing to a great future.

#SustainableCafe #Tralee

Sustainable Cafe