Tralee, Co. Kerry

A Selection of Video Clips Showing Tralee in County Kerry. Things to do, People to meet and Places to go. When you've done all of this... You know Where to eat in Tralee (Yummy Cafe Market in case you didn't guess!)

The Rose of Tralee

One of the most popular Videos on The Rose of Tralee, a lovely lass from Dublin doing a bit of a dance!

Things to Do in Tralee

60 Seconds of Things to Do in Tralee - There's a lot more, but here's a sample

Tralee Pride

Some Tralee Celebs and Locals, telling you why they are Proud of Tralee

Tralee Hotel, Culinary & Tourism

A Short clip from the Tralee IT Hotel, Culinary & Tourism Department

Tralee Students

The Harlem Shake from some our College Students in Tralee IT - Funny guys!

The Rose of Tralee Festival

A quick clip, highlighting the fun and music of the Rose of Tralee International Festival in August

Kerry Scenery

Amazing Scenery Shots of County Kerry from above

Tralee Scenery of Old

Wow, How the Town has changed since then, but it's nice to look back on Tralee from the 90's

Welcome to Tralee

Lovely Video of the Scenery of Tralee, uploaded by Siamsa Tire in Tralee.

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