Reunite – the story behind the video that took on the ‘big boys’.

Back in 2017 we gathered together a group of incredibly talented local people and some family to help us make a Christmas Video, that would tell a story about what our little cafe in Tralee means to us and to some people over the Christmas.

To us, over the Christmas period, we see so many people meeting up again, rekindling friendships, meeting family they may not have seen for ages. Every day on the weeks leading up to and during the Christmas period you can feel the happy vibes in the cafe, its a joy to watch so many people just sitting down and enjoying each others company, catching up….and thats where the kernel of the idea came from.

The name ‘Reunite’ was the first thing we had, and from that grew the storyboard that created the video.

Over the weeks after that we gathered a small team, including Diarmuid and Padraig our talented videographers, to create the story. We roped in one of our niece’s to play the role of the little girl, and Diarmuid convinced his Dad to play the role of the Grandfather in the video.

The streets of Tralee, a town we just love, became our studio very early on a Sunday morning in early October that year. It was just the perfect backdrop for shooting the video. Of course it doesn’t just ‘happen’ by itself, every frame of the video was planned to the utmost. We even resorted to giving a couple of the streets a quick wash down and sweep just to create that glistening look in the video.

How did it go Viral?

Little did we know when we launched it on our Social Media, that it would just explode. It started, as all great things do, with our local press just falling in love with the video, and then for some reason the national and international press latched onto our video, and it became this big ‘David vs Goliath‘ story about how a little cafe in Kerry was ‘taking on the big boys‘ with their massive budgets for Christmas Ads.

Quite a few Radio Stations and Newspapers also picked up on the message that we wanted to convey, the message of reuniting over the Christmas period. Most importantly, the public seemed to just love the video, and the story we were telling just seemed to resonate with them. The comments and shares came flying in from all over the Globe from people who just made a connection with the video.

Why haven’t you made a new video?

The question we keep getting asked. Why isn’t there a new ‘Reunite’ video being made, and why not make it an annual thing to take on the big boys?…… The honest answer is we have thought about it almost every year since. Our reunite video was released way back in 2017. In 2019 and again in 2021 we did script a new one, but they didn’t seem to quite compare to our original Reunite Video.

That original story just seemed to capture something for us, and well, we all know sometimes the sequel just isn’t quite as good as the original…..

To be continued….someday